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Hi, my name is Adi.

My blog - Product, UI/UX, Programming, and all that's in between

Making beautiful online products for over 15 years, always seeking simplicity, keeping it clean. Beside Product / UX consulting I also design and code. I have lots of experience with Flash.

You too can hire me, drop me an email

Been keeping me busy:
@2015 : Spartacs » Coding Video Players
@2014 : Totango » Lead Product & UX
@2013 : MyHeritage » Product Manager
@2012 : Pairhaps » Founder
@2009 : MutualArt » VP. Product
@2005 : Freelance » UI/UX Consultant, Designer, Flash specialist
@2004 : Puzzlehead » Art director, Studio Manager
@1999 : In-slide » Co-founder, Head of Projects & Design
Some projects:
oovoo for Mac redesign
ooVoo for Mac redesign
Streetunes badge goes interactive
Streetunes badge goes interactive
Backups made easy
Backups made easy